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I'm so proud of myself, I finally did my first deal. After trying for a long and doing the wrong things, Eddie walked me through a deal step by step and I was able to buy it and sell it in a few weeks. We made $33K I highly recommend his advanced mentoring.


With Eddie's help, I bought a townhouse for $82K He guided me through the rehab process. I put in about $30K in repairs and sold it for $151k I made $35K in profit. I greatly recommend his system.
Thanks Eddie

Joseph A.

After joining Eddie's program, he told me a secret strategy to find motivated sellers and within 3 weeks I bought and sold a house and I made $7k.

Ignacio F.

After joining Edison's program I quickly learned to wholesale REO's and Short Sales and with his guidance I flipped a short sale and netted $8,500 in just a few months. Thanks Eddie

Karen C.

I joined Edison's mentoring program and shortly after I learned how to flip Bank owned houses hands on and did three deals that netted $11,500. I highly recommend his mentoring.

Matthieu J.

Eddie guided me on my first wholesale deal from beginning to end. I made $5k from a wholesale property that just took 5 hours of work! Thanks again Eddie! I couldn't have done it with out you.

Leon F.

I learned Eddie's system and shortly after we wholesaled a few houses together and netted over $10k. I rehabbed over 5 houses and I currently have 7 rental properties. Thanks to Eddie I'm planning to retired in a few years when I turn 30.

Percy M.

I'm a college student and had no knowledge of Real Estate Investing. Using Edison's program, I got my first deal within weeks of starting out. He walked me through the process steps by step and at closing I netted $3k in less than 3 weeks. I learned so much and now I have the confidence to do it on my own. If you need a mentor with a proven system that works in this market, Eddie is your man!

Mark P.

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About Us

Eddie is the youngest of seven and started out with nothing but a desire to achieve success. At an early age, he worked at a restaurant and knew that he had to do more and fast to achieve success. In February 1990 he borrowed $1,500 to attend his first real estate seminar where he learned to “Don’t give up” Since then, Eddie has been successfully applying Real Estate investing techniques and continually expanding his knowledge by traveling throughout the country attending Real Estate and Marketing Boot Camps as well as high level motivational coaching. He has also brainstormed with many nationally-renowned speakers.

After wholesaling over 100 houses, Eddie has discovered additional strategies to obtain his goal of financial independence. His cutting edge, innovative methods are developed from his additional experience from buying and selling over 100's of houses. As a transactional engineer, he creates deals even when circumstances are less than ideal.