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I'm so proud of myself, I finally did my first deal. After trying for a long and doing the wrong things, Eddie walked me through a deal step by step and I was able to buy it and sell it in a few weeks. We made $33K I highly recommend his advanced mentoring.


With Eddie's help, I bought a townhouse for $82K He guided me through the rehab process. I put in about $30K in repairs and sold it for $151k I made $35K in profit. I greatly recommend his system.
Thanks Eddie

Joseph A.

After joining Eddie's program, he told me a secret strategy to find motivated sellers and within 3 weeks I bought and sold a house and I made $7k.

Ignacio F.

After joining Edison's program I quickly learned to wholesale REO's and Short Sales and with his guidance I flipped a short sale and netted $8,500 in just a few months. Thanks Eddie

Karen C.

I joined Edison's mentoring program and shortly after I learned how to flip Bank owned houses hands on and did three deals that netted $11,500. I highly recommend his mentoring.

Matthieu J.

Eddie guided me on my first wholesale deal from beginning to end. I made $5k from a wholesale property that just took 5 hours of work! Thanks again Eddie! I couldn't have done it with out you.

Leon F.

I learned Eddie's system and shortly after we wholesaled a few houses together and netted over $10k. I rehabbed over 5 houses and I currently have 7 rental properties. Thanks to Eddie I'm planning to retired in a few years when I turn 30.

Percy M.

I'm a college student and had no knowledge of Real Estate Investing. Using Edison's program, I got my first deal within weeks of starting out. He walked me through the process steps by step and at closing I netted $3k in less than 3 weeks. I learned so much and now I have the confidence to do it on my own. If you need a mentor with a proven system that works in this market, Eddie is your man!

Mark P.

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Our Services

A great mentor is the only solution to getting motivated, getting the support you need to go out and start investing. A mentor provides the sense of clarity and purpose that is necessary to start actually making your money work. Ï Plus, a mentor has the necessary knowledge and offers a clear, step by step help that is needed in order to turn an “average joe” into a successful investor. If you want to make a profit in real estate stopping think and start acting with an experienced mentor.

Don’t waste time and money on abstract information.

Get quality real estate investing tips or a quality course from a mentor who has been there and can provide you with the real help you need.

Forget "could have," would have" or "should have." Don’t just sit back and think about how many properties you would have if you had listened to us, Be certin today,Right now!Join us in mentoring and you will be in the know -- and be miles ahead of the competition. You will learn world-class Real Estate Investing Techniques that give you the properties you've always dreamed about. With my mentoring you will gain hands on experience that you cannot find in any high priced seminar! I will guide you through the process from beginning to end, including completing documents, negotiating with sellers and answering your questions one on one. 
Some of the Techniques You'll Learn ...

  • Eddie will provide you with the foundation and the blocks to make for a strong Real Estate Investing Business.
  • We will provide you with the support to help you succeed and we will hold you accountable for the things you are supposed to do.
  • We will provide you with the Education and the material to help you succeed, but you must be the one that does what is needed.
  • We will provide you with the proven systems that have worked for all of us….and will work for you too! But, YOU must do it!
  • Your personal mentor will be available to you by phone, text or email, depending on the level you choose and will always be available in the heat of a deal……! YOU must not be afraid to ask for help!
  • Your mentor will push you when you need pushed. Your mentor will reward you when you deserve to be rewarded. Your mentor will be there for you when you are unsure or when you need that extra little pat on the back to help gain your confidence.
  • Our main goal is to under promise and over deliver…..We believe that you will quickly see…that this is just the kind of people that we are. It won’t take you long to figure out that we WANT you to succeed and we WANT to help you succeed.

His program is flexible to your schedule; it starts with a 2 day extensive program and weekly calls and emails for the following 24 weeks.

As a mentor, Eddie will be available for your periodic unscheduled calls to assist you during the time when you need the most help.

He will provide an in depth review and opinions of your property offers and terms for each transaction.

He will brainstorm with you and choose the exit strategies that will work best for your particular deal.

Eddie will be available to all his students and assist you to get deals as quickly as possible. Ask about the option that does not require you split your first two deals or the deal-splitting option, which is an incentive to work with you to get deals completed.

You Must Have A Mentor…

…someone who shows you the way, has your best interest at heart… someone who has been where you want to go. Look at fast food restaurants… even THEY give their employees a mentor. When you start one of those jobs, you have to follow an experienced worker around … someone who already knows how to flip burgers and put tops on paper cups full of soft drinks.

You are going to need a mentor no matter what you do… but you have to decide… is what you are learning and what you are doing worth doing. Find a mentor who is going to stretch you… not put you on the road to mediocrity, boredom and poverty

But It's EXPENSIVE... Isn't it?

I know that making an investment in yourself… in your education like this, is not for everybody. Not everybody is ready to make this kind of money, and I want to stress again how proud you should be of yourself and how proud I am of you for simply reading this material and taking that first step.

Other programs start at $20 to $30k up to $70k . For a limited time this mentoring program is being offered starting at $7k for the essentials and $15K for the advanced creative strategies for today's market. You will gain all of the above knowledge plus learn by taking action on our group coaching or our one on one mentoring.

Space is limited, call NOW! Financing may be available, Eddie's time is very limited, he can only work with a few people at the time. Take advantage of the corona virus special and get the fast action bonuses for the first 3 people to sign up. Email or book a call now!